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We are proud to offer:

Vince's "A Personal Weedhopper Manual"

Item Name: Vince's "A Personal Weedhopper Manual"
Item Number: V101
Price: $50.00




  This is  "A Personal Weedhopper Manual." A book about dealing with the special world of the Weedhopper Ultralight Airplane. It will save you a lot of time and work if you can refer to it while you are building, flying, or restoring a Weedhopper Ultralight Airplane.  THIS IS A "HOW TO DO IT AND EXPLAIN IT TYPE BOOK." You will find it very useful. The book is packed with explanatory pictures, diagrams, and drawings, to explain building and maintenance details.



In Vince's words:

My experience in building and flying the Weedhopper spans, over 12 years. I wrote a "A Personal Weedhopper Manual," first, to mostly help myself refer to all the many details of correct construction and safe operation.  It is a compendium of that information gleaned over a long period of time from my flying, maintaining, and building the plane. Later, I tried to make it a little more presentable, realizing new pilots would truly benefit from the information.

The book was written from the viewpoint of "what does a guy really need to know and have to get the most out of this wonderful airplane?" With the information it contains, you will learn about your airplane's  essentials that will result in safer operation for you, more piloting pleasure, and the source information for things.  I want you to know the information it contains and explains is information that has been actually tested in flight. 
Here is a list of only a few topics covered in the "Personal Weedhopper Manual:"

*Basic construction information on materials, bolts, and how to assemble the plane, with photos and sketches to cover operational details with explanations.
*Motor mount details, construction, bolt torques, Locktite use, etc.
*All about the Weedhopper wing, ribs, aerodynamics, assembly, rudder, wing ribs, and mechanical nitty-gritty!
*How to inspect a used airframe for corrosion, with intent to restore it safely, sail cleaning.
*How to paint and prepare aluminum tubing and parts to accept paint. Methods.
*All about the flight control system, stick details, and control lines.
*Weedhopper Propellers.
*About the Weedhopper Factory.
*Fuel system, fuel pump, and fuel line, about fuels, fuel line routing, etc.
*447 Rotax engine mounting, details, muffler hangers, muffler joint construction, springs, safety wiring, joint welding detail, etc. 
*Rotax ignition, spark plugs, Bing carburetor adjustments setup, parts, explanations, and wiring.
*Weedhopper electric system-how that ties into the engine generator, wiring info, Rotax color coded wires. 
*Engine monitoring instrument info, connection, EGT and CHT limits, management, "how to" info, suggestions and instructions.
*All about Westach gauges and probes, connections, etc
*Weight and balance theory and how to balance the aircraft CG, checks, trim.
*How to build an inexpensive instrument panel, electrical terminal strip panel, an overhead switch and control panel, fuel board and fuel pump mount, etc.
*Pitot driven airspeed indicator for the Weedhopper.
*Building a manual cockpit starter that works reliably and is simple and easy to construct.
*Where to mount accessory equipment, how to build a cheap VHF comm antenna.
*How to tie your airplane down, and why. Wind zones.
*Learning to Crowhop.
*How and why the airplane flies, pilot control, and how to learn to fly it.

Best Wishes and good luck! Fly Safely,

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