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Replacement Weedhopper Rib Clips

Finally a replacement Rib Clip for the Weedhopper 3/4" ribs, made from a special impact modified grade of Nylon 6/6 with UV protection.

These replacement parts are are made from our own injection molds in the USA with pride.

The original "factory" rib clips were molded from low cost polyethylene that is subject to UV damage.  It is not uncommon to find every rib clip on a Weedhopper cracked and broken.

Our Rib Clips are guaranteed not to break or crack, and feature a lifetime warrantee against failure.

Standard Replacement Rib Clip
Item# PNYL10A


The Standard Clip positions the rib flush with the bottom of the trailing edge tube, just as the original clips did.

Standard replacement rib clip, rib flush with bottom of the TE, same as "factory" clips.

View of Standard replacement clips, and a "factory" type clip, note the ruggedness of the ulav8r clip

All ulav8r rib clips and tips feature an extended robust shank for mounting, more than twice as long as "factory" parts



Typical "factory" rib clips as you might find on your Weedhopper....broken, in foreground a new "factory" clip
(ulav8r does not sell these)

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