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The AX3 gets a flight test

The AX3
 The AX3 was seen as a machine
with a lot of promise in 1991.




 The AX3 gets a flight test. Paul Dewhurst finds it a surprising aircraft with good performance and manners. In its current form, the A3's Weedhopper ancestry is well concealed, but the basic structure was found to be little changed.

The side-by-side two-seat high wing monoplane with conventional 3-axis control.


 The long-distance test flight theme, begun the previous year, continued when an AX2000 was flown from Wallingford to Bassano. The testers obviously enjoyed the journey as while they were supposed to trailer the aircraft back, once they were the right side of the Alps they re-rigged the machine and flew it home.

The AX2000 - a side-by-side two-seat high-wing monoplane.